[ News ] Grand opening MuResistance Season15 !

Welcome to RESISTANCE S15 EP4 x50 (For PC).


An epic server will start on 28. March!

The X50 world will bring a lot of news and a different style of gameplay!

Hard server gives you the chance to get good equipment just by playing!

Are you prepared? This is the New Resistance x50


Opening Time:

[UTC +2, 16.00 - Poland]

[UTC +3, 15.00 - London]

[UTC +8, 23.00 - Philipines]

[UTC +7, 22.00 - Vietnam]

[UTC -3, 12.00 - Argentina/Brazil]

[UTC -5, 10.00 - Peru]

Or check our count-back timer on top of website!


Server Info:

Version: Season 15 EP4

Experience Regular: 50X

Reset limited : 5 (in-game)

Master Reset Limit: 5

Limited Stats to make build.

Game Style: Farm / PvP and Play2Win


InGame Updates:

Moss Updated

New Ghost Horse

New Character Slayer

New Maps Abyssal/Schorched Canyon

New Sets SilverHeart (We have the Slayer Set too!)

New Weapons Blue Eye (We have the Slayer Weapon!)

Press TAB to check All Spots ingame!


Exclusive Systems: (HOT!)

Quest System: Do the quests and get rewards in Coin!

Balanced Ruud Farm - Get Ruud on Boss, invasions and Events!

Daily Reward - Receive Coins EVERY HOUR with the Lightning CUPOM Event!

Custom Events: Lorencia Drop, New Moss Merchant Optimized, Happy Hour Event, PvP Battle, In-game Quest System (HOT) and more!


Freebies: (HOT!)

Receive Freebies With Tag & Share Event.

Tag 5 Friends & Share 'THIS' publication and win Freebies.]

Also, when you start a new account, you receive a KIT for 1st Character.

MEDIA all media